OCTG inspection

Setcore performs rigorous inspection of all types of Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG), developing bespoke technology-led solutions depending on client needs.

Setcore’s OCTG inspection services cover:

  • Drill pipe – We provide full-length internal and external inspection services for pipe bodies using methods including ultrasonic, electromagnetic, heat checking and magnetic-particle inspection.
  • Tubing and casing – We provide inspection of tubing, casing, threading, coupling and wall thickness to identify all possible fluid entry or exit points at the earliest moment.
  • Bottom hole assembly – We offer bottom hole assembly (BHA) inspections using methods such as magnetic particle, black light, dye penetrant, full-length bi-directional and full RSC dimensional inspection.
  • Line pipe and mill production – We provide oversight of the manufacture of line pipes of all varieties.
  • Handling tools and sucker rods – We provide inspection, measurement and reconditioning services that prolong the life of handling tools and sucker rods.
  • Frac and flow irons – We provide visual inspection, ultrasonic testing, magnetic-particle inspection and hydro-testing for frac and flow irons.