Rig inspection services

Setcore performs independent third-party inspections of rig equipment, not limited to onshore and offshore rigs survey, cranes, hoists, CCU and material-handling devices.

Our services include:

  • Hoisting and lifting equipment surveys – We provide comprehensive equipment surveys according to British Standard, ASME and ANSI Standard, ARAMCO GI and LOLER, as well as to bespoke customer specifications.
  • NDT inspection services – Our non-destructive testing (NDT) services ensure the safe and efficient operation of your equipment and assets by detecting defects before they result in severe damage.
  • Load testing – Our testing services are carried out prior to initial use, during use and following repairs on equipment including cranes, lift beams, spreader beams, custom lift frames, slings, custom sling configurations, hoisting frames, derricks, pad-eyes, winch foundations and other load-bearing structures.
  • Dropped objects survey – By identifying objects that are at risk of falling from onshore or offshore rigs, such as bolts or lifting points that are improperly added to structural members, we aim we eliminate accidents – thereby securing your people and assets.
  • Special periodic surveys – We conduct special periodic surveys on vessels for intermediate or five-yearly classification requirement or for ad-hoc certification. We are approved by the major classification agencies, such as ABS, as a service provider for all hull thickness gauging.
  • High-pressure pipework thickness gauging – We undertake ultrasonic thickness gauging of high-pressure pipework, measuring the thickness of pipework in critical areas such as bends or flow constrictions in order to detect faults before they result in serious damage.
  • Hull structural thickness gauging – We undertake inspection of hull structural integrity via visual inspection and non-destructive testing (NDT), performed on all critical joints and members in order to detect faults before they result in serious damage.
  • Preventative maintenance – We maintain your equipment with infra-red thermography equipment, providing detailed imagery that identifies problems before they develop into serious damage.